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About Us

For over 48 years MEDRO INSTRUMENTS has been devoted to provide its customers with the highest quality Surgical, Dental, Beauty and Veterinary Instruments.

Medro Instruments is committed to provide you with the highest quality instruments. We are the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for all above mention instruments.  

Our production depth covers thousands of instruments ranging from the typical instruments used in clinic to sophisticated instruments required during surgeries. We deem, however, pertinent to submit further that the range and scope of our production activities is not limited to our production literature. We can produce instruments even if not depicted in our online catalogues. We receive samples, photos or references from the world-renowned companies catalogues and can manufacture any kind of Instrument in our line. 


At MEDRO INSTRUMENTS the quality is set in motion through motivated specifications planning by trained technical persons. The computer added design and imaging provide visual instruments a set configuration. This simplifies each aspect of instrument's manufacturing. 


We are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, CE MARK, CGMP approved.


Our commitment is to meet the changing needs of healthcare systems and to lead the industry by providing quality surgical instruments and dental instruments at competitive prices.

We understand the diverse needs of our customers and know that quality along with delivery time are the most important and common requirements of our customers from both segments. This Realization allows us to serve our customers in the most efficient and cost effective manners.

Wish you all the Best.